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What if your credit union marketing team had a crystal ball?

A ball that allowed them to see years into the future and act on strategies today that would set your credit union up for massive success for years to come. Would that be helpful for you?

We've got some good news, and some bad news. Which would you like first....?

Let's start with the good news. The good news is that you have landed on the credit union marketing company that has the closest thing to a crystal ball. We pride ourselves on being three to five steps ahead of everyone else. The credit unions we work with are years ahead of the rest.

On the slip side, the bad news. Most credit unions are about 1-2 years behind with their marketing strategies. You may be shocked to learn there are still hundreds of credit unions throughout the country that still don't believe they need to have a Facebook page. The first step is to start marketing like it's 2017. The second step is to start marketing like it's 2020.

64 percent of credit unions increased both the size of their marketing team and their marketing budgets in 2016. A mid size credit union has on average a marketing team of four. Some have fewer, some have many more it varies from credit union to credit union, but the average is four.

With an increase in your marketing budget and an average team of four it's paramount your team is firing on all cylinders. You have the best of intentions with your team, but in working with hundreds of credit unions of the last five years we know things can get easily sidetracked with the sheer volume of tasks. The key is to make sure your team is working on the right things at the right time and doing them the right way. This is where we come in.

What if your credit union marketing team had a crystal ball?

We have a methodical approach to double the results you are seeing from your current credit union team.

Step 1: Marketing Inspection

It starts with our proprietary 360 degree marketing inspection. This inspection gives us all the information we need to see where your greatest opportunit+ies exist from a training and consulting standpoint allowing us to dive in and make an impact quickly.

Step 2: In-person training & ongoing support

Armed with the results of your marketing inspection we will put together a customized training program for your team. This will include a combination of in person training (our senior marketing trainers will come to you) and ongoing phone/video training throughout the year. This is not a one-size fits all. The training and consulting will be catered to not only the marketing inspection but the overarching goals of the credit union for the year and beyond. Often the in-person training includes not only the marketing team but members of the executive team as well as board members. The more buy in and support as well as alignment of the entire credit union the better.

Step 3: ​Deployment of systems, tools and tracking.

After the on-site training(s) is completed, the capacity our team helps will vary based on needs. The most successful credit unions we work with have our team helping on a monthly basis. They look to us as an ongoing marketing resource versus just a one-time investment. Some of the areas we can help your credit union with on a monthly basis are:

​Our only goal is to help your credit union thrive and we will do anything in our power to make that happen! If you are interested in learning more about how we can help your credit union, please fill out the short form below