Credit Union Marketing Training & Consulting

What if your marketing team was known for being clairvoyant? They knew where the marketing landscape was going years before everyone else. Would that be beneficial to your credit union?



82% of credit unions reported they were increasing the size of their marketing team in 2017. While 94% of credit unions reported raising the size of the marketing budget by 4% on average.

Depending on the size of your credit union, you have anywhere from one to twenty people on your marketing team.

Disclaimer: If you only have one person: go to this page instead.

Between 90-95% of the time your marketing team spends is focused on doing. Getting promotions out the door, developing new graphics, writing content for the newsletter, signage, keeping up with the social media profiles and more. There is very little time left over

However, the marketing landscape doesn’t stand still.

102 new web sites and launched daily


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