The first step in our proven process is taking a look at everything your credit union is currently doing. What’s working, what’s not working and what could perform better with some slight tweaks.

In No Joke Credit Union, we aim to help you by taking one of the most important steps, and that is to take a closer look at everything you do in your organization – the things that work for you, things that don’t, your strengths, weaknesses, challenges, and more.

As a credit union, our ultimate goal is to see growth especially when it comes to membership. And we will be here to help you with that; we are with you on achieving that goal. However, before we even take any step forward, we will be here to examine your current efforts, everything that you currently have in place for your credit union. We will be conducting a comprehensive inspection to find the things we can continue doing, the ones we can continually implement and the ones we can just eliminate or scratch out.

Your credit union is not just there to simply exist and nothing more. Otherwise, if this is the case, you might just be pushing away your potential customers. Just like any other organizations, you need to continue to step up in order to sustain growth; you can’t just always be comfortable to your current state and just settle to everything you are used to doing.

We are here to see how we can help your credit union perform better by making a few changes and applying some tweaks to how things are currently being done. And if we want to improve, we know for a fact that change is something we all have to embrace. After all, these changes are going to be for the better, if not for the best. But don’t worry, we will take it one step at a time, and we will be here to guide you through.