Demand Generation

Social Media Marketing

What is the #1 source of new members to your credit union? Chances are you said: referrals. That "because mom told me so" is a common phrase heard day in and day out when asked how did you you hear about us or what decided to bring you in. What if we were to tell you the way prospective members are seeking out referrals has drastically changed? Instead of solely relying on "mom" they are going to their social networks and posting things like "where is a good place to bank?" 

There are many things that need to happen to ensure that their network mentions your credit union when that questions comes up but the one that No Joke Marketing can help control is making sure your social media presence is on point and top of mind. We stay top of their mind by posting helpful, engaging content on a daily basis. We setup and maintain a presence wherever they are: Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat, Instagram, LinkedIn -- we go where they are and continue to tell your story and keep them engaged.

Paid Traffic

​Would you like to see results quickly? More members, more loans, and bigger wallet share?

The fastest way to drive results is to leverage paid traffic. This means being #1 for any Google keyword search you desire to appearing constantly in your members' Facebook news feed day in and day out. We are in the attention arbitrage business. We need to make sure to capture your members' and prospective members' attention as much as possible and paid traffic is the best way to do so. There are huge opportunities right now with paid traffic due to the laser targeting.  How would you like to target someone who is actively in the market for a new home with an ad for your mortgage loans? What about targeting recent college graduates with options to refinance? There is gold to be mined with paid traffic.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

What do you typically do when you are trying to look something up? You Google it. Nowadays you may also ask Siri, or Alexa, but if you are sitting in front of a PC or you have your phone at hand, you go to Google and type in ____________. It is critical that when prospective members or current members type in phrases like "credit union near me" your credit union comes up on page 1 and ideally in the top 1-3 spots. This is known as search engine optimization. There are over 142 factors that drive your search rankings. Rather than bore you with the details, we will simply say "you need to be in the top" and we will help get you there and keep you there. 

Local Listings

With one (or even dozens) of locations, having a perfect maps listing show up is essential. Would you want a member going to a wrong location or even calling a different credit union or bank by accident? There are over 350 different places that allow for map listings, hours of operation, products/services that need to be set up and managed on a monthly basis. The most notable being Google maps. In addition to having a stellar map listing, it is the place we will leverage to drive local reviews that rave about your credit union, the products and services.

Content Marketing

Credit unions have a secret weapon that, more often than not, they don't leverage; their story. Yes we know you are community driven and a non-profit, but share more. Talk about all the people you help, talk about people serving people, talk about how you see more than numbers and give members second chances. Your story is very powerful and should be the cornerstone to your content strategy. So what comes next? We will work with you to develop and execute a full-blown educational content strategy. We will make sure your credit union is putting out more helpful, engaging and thought-provoking content than ever before. The content will drive new members, new eyeballs and more products/services being started.

Direct Mail

With the rise of "all things online marketing" a unique opportunity has presented itself in the direct mail space: lower investments to get in. While the old way of driving new members and loans from direct mail has long gone, the new way of direct mail is showing fantastic results for credit unions alike. The form of direct mail marketing is called PURL or personalized URL. It bridges online marketing with offline marketing driving the prospect to a unique URL with their name on the postcard or direct mail piece.


As a local business in the community with a great story to tell and lots of things you do, you need to leverage on great public promotion. There are two components to PR that No Joke Marketing helps with. First, we track trending stories that you could attach yourself to. Second, we track the key influencers in the community and reach out when we have something news or noteworthy. For example a charity event you're hosting, some good deeds you are spreading or something fun going on at your credit union. The right PR can give your credit union great exposure at the bargain price of $0.

Other Demand Generation Tactics:

There are over 300 different marketing tactics that we have in our arsenal. We pair the right tactics with your credit union based on the shape, size and objectives. Some of the other tactics that have helped our credit union clients are:

  1. Email marketing / email automation. Every credit union we have worked with has an email database. We go in and craft better converting messages on a regular basis.
  2. Mobile marketing. The mobile trend is the fastest growing trend on the planet. We can set up and manage all of your mobile marketing campaigns driving results in real time.
  3. Direct response advertising. Many of our credit unions place ads in local papers, magazines, run TV ads, radio ads even billboards.