Consulting & Training

Marketing Consulting & Training:  Many digital marketing & advertising services to grow your business!

Marketing Roadmap™ As a digital marketing agency and marketing consulting firm, our most popular service is a marketing roadmap™ this form of advertising allows you to “be all over the map” with your marketing. It has been proven to produce great marketing results and are confident you will see dividends for years to come!

Marketing Gauges™ This is another popular marketing service we offer to help you grow your business. When we deploy the marketing gauges™ we attempt to drive up your organic search engine rankings to bring more quality traffic to your web site. We have found this type of traffic thru this marketing is the most high-quality traffic there is.

  We would love to help you with your advertising and marketing on any of our marketing programs!   Here is a short list of a few projects we’ve helped with as of late:
  • Designing a marketing strategy with you
  • Conducting marketing research and analysis
  • Analyzing numbers to see what things are working or not working
  • Setting up or tweaking a customer relationship management system
  • Putting together an automated marketing funnel
  • Sitting in on marketing meetings / board meetings
  • Helping to vet and hire key marketing employees
  • Product & service launches
  • & much more
What are some things that make us totally different than the rest?
  • We’re in the trenches. We run a variety of different businesses in different industries and are using the exact tactics that we consult and train businesses on. Our system and our materials just work.
  • We have a strategic alliance with the Guerrilla Marketing company.  Our founder is the former CMO of Guerrilla Marketing International and was hand trained by Jay Conrad Levinson.
  • We stay on top of all the trends and are constantly updating our materials. We coined the phrase Web 3.0 Marketing and were preaching mobile marketing as the hottest trend back in 2008, fast forward to 2014 and businesses are finally starting to catch on.  We make sure you are never missing out on opportunities.
  • We are obsessed with profits.  Revenue is great, but we are most interested in profits and getting you more of them.
 Marketing Training & Consulting: We love to do training, but before we dive in and start training you, we take you thru our process that we outlined above on our marketing roadmap and marketing gauges. From a training perspective, the audit helps guide us towards the areas you would most benefit from training in. We prefer to do the trainings in person, but can also deliver these over the web via web conference and web cameras.  Depending on the size and type of your business , the trainings normally last between three and five days. The training is completely custom and done from scratch for each business.  This ensures the greatest adoption and impact across your organization. To ensure the training materials set in, we also leave you with quite a few materials:
  • Copies of our latest books for all the staff
  • All the custom training materials in digital form
  • Checklists and step by step processes
  • 1 year of access to our proprietary marketing activities software that is only available to consulting and training clients
We also are happy to work with you on an ongoing basis after the training is concluded.  This further ensures your marketing and profits move in the right direction and gives you the added benefit of having us constantly by your side. We would love to work with you on the marketing consulting or marketing training side and are confident the four simple benefits will make our time together a slam dunk:
  • We will save you time
  • We will save you money
  • We will make you more profits
  • We will separate your business from the pact
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