How you Can Use Blogging to Promote your Credit Union

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Jul 14
Promote Blogging

Who says you cannot blog to promote your credit union? Blogging is one of the most widely used digital marketing strategies today by many businesses, companies, and even organizations like credit unions. Blogs are one thing that you can leverage on in order to attract more members, and if your credit union already is already doing it, you also have to make sure that your target audience is actually reading your blog and that the content you’re putting out there is effective.

It may not be easy to produce quality blog posts, not to mention they can be time-consuming, but it might be the one thing you need in order to see the growth you want for your credit union.

Here are some ways you can make relevant blog posts to promote your credit union.

1. Focus on the needs of your target audience

The very first thing you need to do is to identify who your target audiences are. And then, you think about the topics and blog posts that you think will be appealing to your target readers. Even if you are a credit union, your topics should not be limited to just financial topics. You need to be flexible too and be able to talk about other things that can pique the interest of your audience. Of course, they still have to be relevant to your credit union’s mission and vision.

You may need to really spend a little more time in your research to better understand your targets. The more targeted your blogs are, the more effective they will be.

2. Select a trending topic but make sure that you provide a different angle about the subject

If there is any trending credit union topic in the news or social media, you might want to take advantage of it but make sure that you tell it from a different angle. You cannot just write using the same angle that everybody is using. Otherwise, there won’t be anything new in your write up and chances are your blog will not really reach its target traffic.

3. Work on creating a good title

A good title should contain the right keywords that will lead your target audience to your blog. Keywords are words or phrases that users use to search for certain content in the search engine. You need to use your keywords carefully so as to increase your chances of getting higher ranks in the search results.

4. Spur an emotional reaction

Make sure that your blogs can make that emotional appeal enough to spur an emotional reaction from your readers. Give them something to laugh or cry about. When you are able to tap into the emotions of your readers, they will just keep on coming back for more of your blogs. Don’t hesitate to incorporate this into your blogs.

5. Always include a call to action

Your work does not end in just publishing your blog. There are other important steps that you need to do. You need to make sure that they are shared in your social media accounts for an increased visibility and to drive more traffic to your official credit union website. And because your ultimate goal here is to be able to capture or convert leads, you must always include a call to action at the end of your articles. A call to action is going to encourage your readers to perform certain actions like downloading something from your site or signing up for a free webinar, and many others.

6. Be consistent with your email marketing

Success does not happen overnight, and this time, you need to be consistent with your email strategy so you can continuously update your audience with your newest blog posts. You can also continue to send them content, testimonials and other things that they will find valuable and interesting. This will take a long time, and so you should not think about giving up too soon. If you are consistent with your efforts on this, you will see that in the end, you will be harvesting the products of your labor.

Stick with these tips and you will be able to reach your target when it comes to your membership growth.

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