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May 19
We Will Help You Marketing has changed since the boom of advanced technology. This creates a better and an even playing field for startups and mom-and-pop shops. Therefore, as a credit union, you can get some easy marketing tips from the pros. There are several things a credit union can do to market themselves and grab attention from their target audience. By doing these correctly, a credit union owner can make big bucks. We will provide you with social media marketing tips as well as marketing campaigns offline. What is usually great with offline marketing comes in through guerrilla marketing. So, we will share with you some social media tips through the use of Facebook as well as some guerrilla marketing techniques which you can use to grow your credit union’s name.

Credit Union and Social Media

Since the boom of social media, more and more startups or even small businesses can create a greater reach of consumers. To be able to create social media campaigns, one must know who the target market is. By doing this, your credit union has to look out for the competition. Look into your competitors’ market campaigns. You can hire a contractual marketing analyst to do this. Furthermore, you can get their help into trying to find your target audience. Before any of those, though, look at the products that your credit union wants to push. This means you’ve got to look at the products that you are offering and what you need to “sell” more. After finding the product that you’re going to sell, remember to incorporate your “branding” to this product before setting it out for a market campaign. Your branding is the most important tag that you’re going to have to use in every aspect of your business. It’ll be with your products as well as your executives and employees. If you need more information on branding, check out our previous blogs about it. This will help you get a better understanding of what a brand is and why it’s really important for your business. Now, to boost your social media marketing, you may need to shell out some cash to make it very successful. Facebook is a difficult social media platform to battle in today. Why? This is because there are now a lot of marketers using Facebook, but interaction is the most important thing if you’re using social media as a medium. If you have some sort of contest going on, it may be difficult to find traction at the beginning. According to the Social Media Examiner, you can use ActionSprout. The site explains that the problem with Facebook users is that they don’t like to visit Facebook pages. So, if you’re going to put up a photo contest or any contest of some sort, you’re going to have to require users to visit a tab on the company’s Facebook page in order to submit a contest entry. However, this would mean that the users would have to “leave” the news feed, which is their home away from home, to be able to participate in the contest that you’ve made. Therefore, this is the main reason why most Facebook users no longer care or no longer visit Facebook pages of companies because it is considered a hassle. So, what a company, like a credit union, can do is remove this barrier by using ActionSprout. Plus, this works really great for outreach when you’re trying to get people to notice a community change blog or article your credit union has created. Beyond ActionSprout, Facebook has now incorporated “Sponsored Posts.” Basically, you pay for one of your posts to be “boosted” at the top of your target market’s feed. Facebook is quite effective on this, and this could be especially great for your credit union or other small businesses. Although there are several experts on Facebook marketing and they advise not to use this feature, a lot of small businesses can actually take advantage of this feature. For example, you can have a boosted post for those residing in an area or boost the post of your product offering to only a certain age group. There was a small company that boosted their post, and it was a start-up business. They reportedly only spent about $20, and the results came flooding in with messages and phone calls of inquiry. But, you’ve got to choose a target market. This will really help increase your organic traffic. This means that the reach and engagement you’re trying to get must really “talk” to the people reading it. Since you already know what can help you, you’ve also got to understand your audience. By doing this, you can optimize the creation of your content strategy. You must target your advertising better to be able to generate more return on investment. If you can, use Facebook’s Audience Insights. It’ll make it much easier for all brands as it will give you the ability to see what your target audience (even audience) engages with and also what they like. So, through this, you will be able to profile your target audience that’ll provide you with more details to work with. Although these aren’t the only things you can do with your Facebook marketing campaign, these will help you create a direction. Creating a direction for where you want your marketing campaign to go is very important. If you don’t have a solid plan for your marketing campaigns, it’s time to do this. If you want to take things offline, though, you can check our Guerrilla Marketing.

Credit Union and Guerrilla Marketing

Guerrilla marketing and credit unions can easily go hand-in-hand through innovation. It’s always important for a credit union to use unconventional ways through innovation to create a better “fluff” for their products. Always be honest with your product marketing since this is very important for credit unions. Due to the hidden fees in a lot of banks, you’ve got to be a cut above the rest in the financial institution industry. Guerrilla marketing can actually help you out with this. If you check out ideas on guerrilla marketing for credit unions, check out The Financial Brand’s article on the different marketing strategies. You may not be familiar with guerrilla marketing. However, it should be something you’re looking into if you don’t want to spend big bucks. Guerrilla marketing is an unconventional way to market your products through innovative ways in order to lower costs. This is commonly used by small businesses that don’t have deep pockets like big corporations. There are dozens of guerrilla marketing techniques you can do. Some have committed random acts of kindness a part of the marketing. Furthermore, print ads in the form of coupons have also been actively used. Depending on your credit union, you can use these unconventional ways to create a better reach to your target audience.

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