How to Generate Buzz for your credit union this Black Friday

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Nov 25
If you’ve missed the pre-event time to reach out to your credit union members, make sure to keep it in mind that next year you have to be better prepared. Remember that you don’t have to have a fortune 500 company or even be as big as Amazon to make a name for yourself. Successful marketing campaigns that generate buzz this black friday is what you need for your credit union. But one major questions is, how do you generate buzz?

Black Friday might be the biggest event of the year next to the Super Bowl. People across America are looking at every possible deal they’ll get out of the Black Friday sale. So, it’s natural that many credit card companies and companies are joyous at this event. Furthermore, it’s nearing Christmas, so many buyers are ready to tick off a lot of things on their Christmas lists.

How to generate buzz

Pre-event buzz

Before Black Friday even happens, many companies are already starting their campaigns. It could cut through two weeks or even a month before Black Friday actually happens. When you spark something or if someone else sparks the idea of Black Friday coming soon, everyone will start talking about it. This is especially useful in social media. Through the use of social media, you can grab a whole lot of followers.

Many companies have had luck in creating pre-event buzz. It’s also the most useful as you can start a trend that everyone else will follow. In creating pre-event buzz and making it work, you’re going to have to utilize social media through organic traffic, or maybe even social ads. It can help create traffic for your credit union. The use of social media has been repeated over and over again. According to, in 2015, there were at least 1.4 million tweets on just one topic: Black Friday. So, how do you get into this band wagon?

In the month or weeks before the actual event, in this case Black Friday, you may notice the every email, billboard space, and even social media are filled with things related to Black Friday. These are usually filled with special events that include the latest deals and shopping events. During this window of opportunity, credit unions can create relevant ads in between all of these noise.

A week or two before the event

When preparing for your campaign, you’ve got to realize what you’ve got to offer to everyone. Since you already have members in your credit union, create campaigns that will show how important your members are to you. Plus, it’ll show why others should follow in their footsteps. So, number one rule, treat your loyal customers like VIPs with customized advertising. This ad will be geared towards them, and those who’re like them.

You can use Facebook advertising to help you on this. According to, you’ll need to know about “custom audiences.” They explain that “while the ‘saved audience’ feature allows you to tailor your audience by age, gender, location and interests; custom audience allows you upload email and mobile phone number data to Facebook, which will then be matched with a Facebook profile.” By doing this, you can provide surprises that will delight your subscribers by showing ads on their Facebook beast. Usually, these ads will have to have VIP offers that are exclusive to loyal customers. To make this work, you’ll have to run this Facebook campaign with an email campaign.

Encourage and commit

Once you’ve created a campaign for Black Friday and offered your VIPs something to rave about, this means you’ve already encouraged your members. This encouragement can become something good for your credit union as it may help spread the word. Even if this year, you only have a few returns, you’ll have to learn how to commit. It’s something you’ve got to do annually and think of something new to do every year for this event. This will help build excitement and anticipation from your VIPs. This will offer new members as your existing members may tell their friends about the exclusive offers you provide. So, you’ll have to create a campaign that’s worth sharing. To further encourage your existing members of your deals, offer them something called FOMO. This means the Fear Of Missing Out. Make exclusive offers and don’t be afraid to remind your members of the offers they’re missing out on. It’ll get them to pay more attention to your campaign as well.

Missed out on Black Friday buzz

So, you missed out on creating a Black Friday buzz. Or maybe, your campaign didn’t yield success. Well, these are some things that you’ve got to learn from. Because in order to fully and truly maximize a big event like that of Black Friday, your organization will have to figure out what works for it. So, you’ve got to ask yourself and your organization, what can you do to improve your campaign next year? And how can you do that? This will help you keep raising the bar every year and pushing your organization for the better.

For example, take Amazon. When they released their “Prime Day,” it was a big success yet they faced a lot of criticisms and complaints. So, the next year, Amazon listened to what their customers wanted and changed the way the offered things. This meant that the more popular electronic devices, which sold out quickly the year before, increased in quantity the year after. Plus, they were unable to sell some items in the first year as many thought those items weren’t even worth buying despite heavy discounts. You know what Amazon did to change that? They change the tone and words of the products. And, guess what? It sold.

In generating buzz, it’s easier said than done. However, if you think about it, the craze about Black Friday comes every year. So, if you missed out on getting yourself ready this year, there’s always a possibility to take advantage of the next holiday event, which is Christmas.

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